Four weeks from today, the first wave of Move-Ins take place at UVA.  Other universities around the state and across the land welcome new students and the prayers of a million+ mothers and fathers are poured out on behalf of their sons and daughters.

A combination of happy anticipation and anxiety propel those prayers.

If you can relate, take heart! May I quote from Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children* written by UVA Alum, Jodie Berndt:

“Your adult child may be out of your reach, but they are never out of God’s.”

MomsHOOpray and University of Praying Moms invite you to join ranks with us to pray for your students. The value of sharing each other’s burdens for our children cannot be measured. Click to access the testimonies of grateful MomsHOO’ and U’Moms. If you would like to be added to receive reminders and details on our groups please follow this link to be contacted.

Before Move-in:

  1. Jed Metge/InterVarsity Staff relates how God protected his first weekend at UVA in this blogpost, For me, it was a fork in the road.
  2. Many of the Move-In-Day and Beyond Tips are applicable to any college. You may want to skim and tuck away or pass them on.

After Move-in:

Get a copy of Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children. Then find a quiet place and read Chapter 17 — Praying for Strength To Resist a Party Culture. Don’t go into anxiety overdrive, go to the Lord. And if at all possible, go to the U’Moms/MomsHOO’ kick-off and stay after for a complimentary lunch, Thursday, September 6th. For more information, fill out this form to be contacted. 

Finally, listen to part 2 of a 3 part interview with the author of The College Girl’s Survival Guide full of authentic advice and encouraging words of wisdom: 

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