What To Expect at MomsHooPray

Because of COVID, many changes are taking place. Please sign up here to be added to our email list and receive updates on locations and mtg times. 

Just one short hour, well spent in brief sharing of prayer concerns or praises followed by prayer is powerful. In one short hour we are able to get a lot of prayer in, make meaningful connections, and help with many issues our HOOs are facing.

We encourage early arrival so that the first half hour of sharing around the circle will include everyone. Latecomers may miss out on their sharing time, and no one dominates sharing time.  We keep track of the time and when the clock hits the half hour mark, we move into prayer. At the one hour mark, we close.

Those who cannot join in person are encouraged via email to send in their requests to be prayed for by the moms praying in person. (sign up here to be added to our email list)  If an emergency arises, or is of an extremely serious nature, we will alert the entire roster of undergrad and grad momsHOO’ asking them to pray immediately.

The flyer below outlines our format. To view larger click on this link: https://momshoopraydotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/momshoo_format-e1504470769978.jpg

MomsHOOpray Guidelines

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