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Some of the good coming out of the bad. Add yours by commenting at the end of “Testing Positive In A Pandemic”

God gave me a gift today. My student sat down next to me and in the course of conversation we talked about real things. My kids often don’t want to hear from me about God—today God allowed me to say many of the things I want to say about him without sounding preachy. Thank you Lord, giving me this opportunity today and for me not missing it!

Just to add a very real footnote to this real conversation. For YEARS I have been praying for these types of conversations. Let’s all hang in there for the long haul. The second real footnote is that the next time I saw my student, he/she was grumpy and annoyed at me for something else. I laugh because it is not our feelings that we stand on. We stand on the promises of Christ, so keep praying and keep looking for His answers and rejoice in them when they come!

I just wanted to tell you that my son sent me a text in the middle of the night last telling me that he got an unexpected graduation card from someone associated with MomsHOOpray and that it was a wonderful surprise.  He was delighted.  (I loved that he was so excited and that it meant so much to him.)  Thank you!

We have never had great communication with our adult Hoo. So with the pandemic, I decided that we needed to start talking weekly and chose FaceTime. It has been wonderful. A new habit is being formed. I am hopeful that we will continue to FaceTime over these next few months and even after we can meet again in person!

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