Four weeks from today, the first wave of Move-Ins take place at UVA.  Other universities around the state and across the land welcome new students and the prayers of a million+ mothers and fathers are poured out on behalf of their sons and daughters. A combination of happy anticipation and anxiety propel those prayers. If... Continue Reading →

Before They Fly The Nest

In the whirlwind of high school graduation events, summer vacations and shopping for dorm supplies, we may neglect an important topic: our high school graduate's mental health. One of the most proactive steps we can take for our student is to schedule an appointment to see a counselor before they leave for college. If we... Continue Reading →

College Graduation Tips

Congratulations to all MomsHOOpray and University of Praying Moms with Class of 2018 Graduates!  My own celebration in 2014 began with "sightings" of other MomsHOOpray members. In the vast crowds of Valedictory and Final Exercises, I saw them. Unexpectedly spotting familiar faces, exchanging a wave, giving a quick hug or sending a text, "I SEE YOU!" felt like... Continue Reading →

Hoo Prays? MomsHOO’ Prays!

 By Ann Marie Stewart, Author of Christy Award Winning: Stars in the Grass. When my second daughter Julia was applying to college, I was biased to UVA. Her sister Christine attended and loved her coursework and the Christian community, and selfishly — I wanted to extend my time with MomsHOOpray! After all, prayer not only... Continue Reading →

Other Plans

First Year housing concerns abound as we share prayer requests this time of year at MomsHOOpray and University of Praying Moms. This and other worries consume many of our moms and their student's thoughts and prayers. (for MomsHOOpray Housing Tips, click here) Later on, choosing and declaring a major is, well, a major worry. Or... Continue Reading →


If you are reading this post and have a rising freshman or first year, you have much to be gained by following this link and scrolling through our long list of Move-In Day tips!  Although Move-In Day Tips were originally written for moms of rising UVA "first years" they include many ideas that can also... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock this Summer

It's hot out there.  So sit awhile and reflect on a few things. Take stock of the past year: Sad memories: UVA student, Otto Warmbier, died on June 19.  Sometimes, God does not answer our prayers in the way we hope He will. Yet, we continue to pray. (I appreciate this past post about why we... Continue Reading →

Praying for Our Prodigals

Rejoice with those who rejoice:  MomsHOOpray and University of Praying Moms rejoice with those families experiencing the excitement and celebration of upcoming college graduations, or the anticipation of launching a college freshman in the fall!  Many prayers have preceded these young men and women, and many of these students have fed and grown their faith and will continue... Continue Reading →

Help Us To Pray

"Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."  Hebrews 13:3 The following is an optional guide for those praying for fourth year UVA student, Otto Warmbier, and his family, as they approach one year since his sentencing to 15 years... Continue Reading →

Crying Out To God

Two unrelated but exceptional ministry blogs, Proverbs 31 and A Slice Of Infinity, landed in my inbox in the past few weeks, both highlighting the writing of author, Esther Fleece. Perhaps her message below will meet you where you are and help you understand it's OK to not be OK. In fact, you have permission to put it all out... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Our Political Moment

We asked, they answered! Super prayer warrior moms, Susan Speers, (MomsHOO' - UVA, Class of 2014 as well as U'Moms - UC Berkeley, Class of 2017 and Virginia Tech, Class of 2020) and Mischelle Dean (MomsHOO' - UVA, Class of 2019) submitted two very timely articles responding to the recent presidential election.  Everyone, from praying moms to our college students, can benefit... Continue Reading →

We'd like our site to be encouraging to its readers on a regular basis, as in, at least once a month!  So we need YOUR help. When you read something on prayer or any aspect of college life that encourages you, fill out the contribYOUtors' form at the end of this post. Or if you want... Continue Reading →

Move-In Day (and Beyond) Tips

We are fast approaching one of the two most exciting and tiring days that you and your HOO/college freshman will experience during their career at UVA/their university -- Move-In Day!  Our Move-In Day tips include generic tips for all college students and parents, as well as tips by HOOs for new HOOs!  The tips are rather like... Continue Reading →

BOLO for praying moms!

  It's summer!  While momsHOO' take a break from meeting together, those U'Moms are still going strong. (Summer Schedule here)  The friendships forged in MomsHOOpray over the past six years and in University of Praying Moms over the past three, are a tremendous blessing -- one that we should share with others!  It's time to be spreading the word about... Continue Reading →

Who Am I Becoming?

Congratulations to all praying mothers of new or soon to be graduates, either college or career bound!  We encourage you to spread the word that you will find support during these exciting yet challenging transitions when you join in prayer with other moms in a similar stage of life. Take a look at what some of our praying moms have to... Continue Reading →

Proud Praying Moms!

Check out our latest good news!  You, too, can have your student's accomplishments featured on our website. Whether you are a current or former "momsHOOpray" or a "U'Mom" we want to join you in celebration of your college student's good news or achievement.  If your grad or undergrad college student has been recognized for something excellent or... Continue Reading →

University of Praying Moms

  The last two years presented a stretch of trials I did not see coming.  Today, I had coffee with a friend who stood beside me during this season.  She asked me what insights I had from the journey.  I mentioned that the committed prayers of her, my sisters at U. of Praying Moms, and many others changed... Continue Reading →

Many moons ago, I graduated from Texas Christian University.  (Go Frogs!) Friends I made at TCU through the shared ministry and fun fellowship of Young Life have continued to walk by faith and remain inspirations to me.  I would like to introduce you to one of them and allow her own experience with prayer to encourage... Continue Reading →

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