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Ladies, this page has been neglected for several years thus the good news below is OLD!! SO…If your HOO has some recent great news you want to share, fill out the form at this link: https://collegeprayingmoms.com/hoos-good-news/

When I turned to page 8 of the latest Study Center publication, I immediately recognized two students’ names that I would not know but for our MomsHOOpray group. New Grad ‘HOO,  Rachel Gaffin, shows off her interviewing skills as The Stud’s Administrative and Communications Assistant. Zack Rieman, Class of 2019, an Elzinga Scholar, describes what it is like to live in the basement apartment of The Study Center, which he views as the heart of the Christian Community at UVA.


Kingdom Politics

Congratulations to momHOO’, Susan Speers, and her grad HOO, Sam Speers, Class of 2014, on his recent book launch! Click to read full story: U.Va. Researchers Travel the Nation To Study Politics in America’s Churches. Order on Amazon.




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