If you are reading this post and have a rising freshman or first year, you have much to be gained by following this link and scrolling through our long list of Move-In Day tips!  Although Move-In Day Tips were originally written for moms of rising UVA “first years” they include many ideas that can also apply to any college freshman’s Move-In Day experience. (UVA moms of first years, be sure to read the tip on how to get very special home-made cookies delivered!)

While the tips are extremely useful; praying for your student with others is invaluable, indispensable, crucial — whether they are a rising first year/freshman or fourth year/senior.  Read “For me, it was a fork in the road” to see what those first 48 hours on campus can mean for your student.  Then read some of the comments from a few of our moms who have taken time to meet together to pray for their college students, either in MomsHOOpray or University of Praying Moms.

You just spent every last moment getting them ready to go off TO college; choose to spend one precious hour in prayer every two weeks with other faith-filled moms while they are IN college!  If you are interested in connecting with us for more info, please fill out this form. And/or sign up to follow this website by providing your email address in the box under the FOLLOW bar. (to your right as you view this post or scroll to the bottom of the webpage where it will be on the left)



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