Taking Stock this Summer

It’s hot out there.  So sit awhile and reflect on a few things.

Take stock of the past year:

Sad memories: UVA student, Otto Warmbier, died on June 19

Sometimes, God does not answer our prayers in the way we hope He will. Yet, we continue to pray. (I appreciate this past post about why we bother to keep praying, especially after suffering a huge loss.)  I am grateful to have prayed with many, for Otto and his family.

I cling to Psalm 139, especially verses 7-12, believing in faith that our prayers really did make a difference, even when Otto’s consciousness was “unreachable” in a coma.  No one is beyond God’s reach.  He will go into the depth of darkness to reveal Himself to each living, breathing person and give them an opportunity to welcome Him into their hearts. (If you have half an hour and have doubts about God being able to reach anyone, anywhere, watch this extraordinary testimony of how God reached David Wood, a seemingly hopeless case)



I am also grateful that Otto knew he was finally safely home with his family and they were able to say goodbye to their extraordinary and winsome son. May God bring comfort and sweet memories to the Warmbiers.

Happier Memories: 

MomsHOOpray celebrated their 7th year together and the University of Praying Moms celebrated their 4th!  Take a gander at some of our 2016-2017 highlights:

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Now look ahead to the future:


Friendships are forged, prayers are answered and practical support is experienced in both MomsHOOpray and University of Praying Moms.  What a tremendous blessing — one that we should share with others!  Spread the word about both groups so that when we return on Thursday, August 31st for our kick off meetings and lunch, we come bringing new moms. Be on the lookout for who you can invite, then do it! 

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