Hoo Prays? MomsHOO’ Prays!

ann_stewart By Ann Marie Stewart,
Author of Christy Award Winning: Stars in the Grass.

When my second daughter Julia was applying to college, I was biased to UVA. Her sister Christine attended and loved her coursework and the Christian community, and selfishly — I wanted to extend my time with MomsHOOpray! After all, prayer not only connects us to God, but to our kids, to other prayer warriors and their kids, all the while reminding us that God is bigger than our separation or distance.

Every other week, MomsHOO’ meets in McLean, Virginia, gathering moms from as far as Warrenton, Paeonian Springs, and Arlington to partner in prayer for our kids and for UVA. (We also have a local sister group, University of Praying Moms praying for their kids attending other universities.)

The answers have been astounding. There have been immediate crises to pray for as well as the familiar cycle of:

*finding classes
*finding housing
*finding roommates
*loneliness and anxiety
*finding internships
*finding jobs

Some of my best friends are now the women I pray with twice a month — and now recognize when I’m on grounds! At Parents’ Weekend, eating on the Corner, and at events at the Center for Christian Studies (affectionately known as “The Stud”), I meet friends I have prayed with or for. And though I may not know all their children, they are in my heart. I feel like I know them, backed by the prayers of the past.

And these moms feel the same about my girls! Recently, when I neglected to tell these moms the results of my daughter’s biopsy, they inquired at the very next meeting, reminding me how my daughter was on their heart and in their prayers.
You see, “Our Kids are Never Out of God’s Reach.” This was the title of a short blog post written by Jodie Berndt and sent out by Center for Christian Studies. Definitely worth your read.

Quite simply, prayer connects. So whether it’s our sister group, University of Praying Moms, or MomsHOOpray, partner with others and pray! (inquire here if you are interested in starting a group in your area)

Now here come the freebies!!!!

You could win signed copies of Jodie’s book, Praying The Scriptures for Your Adult Children, as well as my novel Stars in the Grass!  Sign up to follow collegeprayingmoms.com by filling in your email address under the “FOLLOW” button, then click confirm when you receive an email follow up. The 100th follower will be announced as the winner.

If you’d like download printable prayer cards or other resources, or the Study Guide for Jodie Berndt’s: Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children check out her website: jodieberndt.com.


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