MomsHoo’ Testimonies

Vicky and I are so grateful for the efforts of the MomsHooPray leadership to serve so many UVA families and coordinate prayer cover for our students. Most people don’t recognize how important and powerful the work of prayer is, and those of us who do acknowledge this often forget! Thanks for this strategic ministry.

Scott and Vicky  – Parents of Barnes/’22 and Caleb/’24

I can’t say enough about MomsHooPray. I felt more connected to the goings on with the students, housing issues, roommates, you name it as I attended the bi-monthly prayer meetings and stayed in the loop of the email updates. 

While my son attended UVA, the University and its students endured unusually difficult circumstances. Maybe you remember the story of Hannah Graham, the sophomore that was abducted and went missing early in the school year of 2014 – needless to say this was a tumultuous time for the students. My son would text me when clues about her case would surface – so this was on his mind and very likely the minds of many students. Then there was the tragic Otto Warmbier story – we prayed so much for him, and his family. Our group sent written encouragement directly to the Warmbier family in Ohio to which the father gratefully responded. Sadly, even though Otto died from the treatment by the North Koreans, he was returned to the US before he passed.  Another difficulty the University and it’s student body faced was negative nation-wide attention due to a terribly slanderous article in The Rolling Stone, only to find out it wasn’t true!

I will tell you all of these incidents and more were covered in prayer! We saw God working in each of those circumstances despite the difficult outcomes.

As a result of my involvement in MomsHooPray, I was more deliberate about asking my son about how I could pray for him – he always had something.

My involvement in this group of praying women enhanced my experience as a UVA Mom, I learned more about leaning on God and was continually reminded that nothing is in my control, and I made some very special friends. 

And because of MomsHooPray, I got a little more involved with the STUD; I worked with some other Moms from our prayer group to prepare the exam meals—a great outreach to any student who shows up.  The line for food goes down the block—college students love free food.

Mary Kesting/Mom of Sam Kesting (Class of 2018) NoVA

Can I just say that the extended moms showering my kids with love and the love they’ve shown me and the friendships I’ve made….. make being a Mom of a Hoo the best kind of mom I could be. I am so glad J. chose UVA (and she is, too). I’m not from Virginia and I didn’t even know the various colleges and universities, but God did and He knew where my girls should go. But what I didn’t know was that He knew what I needed, too. How many college moms can say that they have super close friends in their college coeds’ mothers? I feel a connection to the University, to the moms, their husbands, their children, and to GOD because of Moms Hoo Pray.

When J. had to make a fast and major decision, I remember sitting on the STUD deck praying with another Moms Hoo Pray about the choice. Last year at graduation, we had a picnic on the STUD Deck with another Moms Hoo Pray family. I can be at Bodo’s Bagels and run into another Moms Hoo Pray. I have so many memories of prayers and answers and joy and tears at the meetings.

In the last week:  a Moms Hoo Pray from my church wrote C. the day after C. had an awful day, not knowing what had happened. It deeply affected C. Because K. gives us the names of those who need prayer, I can pray or write to people. H. prays daily for C. and K. has been bringing meals to C. When the weather warms, C. and I are reuniting in K’s  backyard!

HOOOOOO else does that?  Thank you my wonderful friends.

Ann Stewart/Mom of Christine/’19 and Julia/’21 NoVA

I thank God for our faithful leaders who provided the structure for us to gather, share prayer needs, and be blessed by the fellowship – thank you Judy, Heidi, and Kathy!!

Kelly White/Mom of Tyler/’19, Tristan/’21 and Julia/’24

I praise God for you and your prayer ministry. I have been so grateful for ALL the service you and the other MomsHooPray do to keep us moms in “the loop” of prayer requests and events and service throughout the year.  Thanks so very much!!  May the Lord return to you for all the good you do for all of us!

Laurie Magill/Mom of Robbie Magill (Class of 2022) NoVA

Thank you to all the moms who are unable to pray in person with MomsHooPray — but diligently do as this mom does every time she receives our email prayer alerts:

Literally, I stop the work, read the prayer and pray. I hardly do that for anything. Anyway, thank you for taking time to update. Prayers Up!

Heidi Flanagan/Mom of Megan Flanagan (Class of 2018) Charlottesville

I am thankful that there is a group like yours built on a clear love for Christ, a desire to give back to neighbors, and a shared pride and love from being a member of a university that turns strangers to friends and friends into family.

Your group makes me all the more proud to be a woman of faith and a WAHOO. I look forward to one day joining and getting the opportunity to bring hope and love to someone who needs it as you all brought to me. Thank You!

Forever Grateful,

Amelia Zepeda/Mom of Andrea Zepeda (Class of 2018) NoVA

I feel so blessed to have a group of moms to pray with twice a month. Then later when I hear my daughter mention these moms’ kids’ names, I feel connected in prayer and UVA life. I can see the difference prayer has made in all of our lives. There have been specific answers and joys and fellowship that make the 40-minute drive to McLean a blessing. Today’s answer was fast and had an exclamation point when my daughter relayed her wonderful day and then said she had to stop talking to quickly take a picture of a rainbow. God’s promises so obvious, so priceless. 🙂

Ann Stewart/Mom of Christine and Julia Stewart (Classes of 2019 and 2021) NoVA

Last semester my HOO wanted to drop out of UVA, and this semester she loves it. In fact, she couldn’t wait to get back there after spring break! She received excellent grades, is volunteering, training for a marathon, and is now one of UVA’s ZUMBA instructors. Will wonders never cease? Actually, miracles do prevail and MomsHooPray help make that happen. Thank you and thank you all very much MomsHooPray. Meeting you all in person and receiving such openly given support as well as your comforting emails helped me get through. Most importantly, your prayers of love and support gave me the strength to help me help my daughter through what was a horrible time for her – a horrible time also compounded by having three major bouts of physical illnesses. Words can never thank you enough. It was a “miracle” that I was introduced to MomsHooPray reminding me of the power of faith and the healing power of prayer. And thank GOD, literally and always.

A first-year MomsHoo’ 

MomsHooPray has been a real lifeline for me during my sons’ years at UVA.  At the meetings, I know we will share requests for 30 minutes and pray for 30 minutes; the time will be well-invested.  I know the other moms have come to understand the joys and struggles unique to UVA and to my particular children.  I know that, in answer to these women’s faithful prayers, my sons have made new friends, grown spiritually, experienced fellowship, survived exams, and gotten jobs.  One son even managed, by God’s grace, to propose and get married!  I will always cherish the memory of these women’s faces around the circle as they encouraged me to believe in God’s provision for my children.

For me, the MHP prayer time has become a harbor and the group a lifeline during that crazy season of life called “sending our kids to college.”  I’m so grateful!

Nancy Rooker/Mom of Ronnie and Stephen Rooker (Classes of 2014 and 2016) NoVA

Thank you again for your great ministry through this group. Though I have not been able to attend a single meeting, I have felt a part of it, and that I could turn to it for support. I will be glad to continue to be on your list and keep praying for Hoos.

Beky Hazelton/Mom of Katie Hazleton (Class of 2013) NoVA

Share how God has blessed you or your student through momsHOOpray and it will be added to this post! Let us know whether you want to post your full name, initials or anonymous.

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