We’d like our site to be encouraging to its readers on a regular basis, as in, at least once a month!  So we need YOUR help. When you read something on prayer or any aspect of college life that encourages you, fill out the contribYOUtors’ form at the end of this post. Or if you want to pass on a great quote or book or song that might help us moms as we intercede for our students, fill out the contribYOUtors’ form.

It can be as short as this quote sent by one of our moms:

“I am reading a book called By Searching by Isobel Kuhn.  In it she quotes some advice given her by Mr. J.O. Fraser of the China Inland Mission:

“In prayer resist the devil, always remembering to be kind to those who are unconsciously his tools at the moment:  II Timothy 2:24.  I have a prayer-formula which I use on such occasions. It is this:  If this obstacle be from Thee, Lord, I accept it; but if it be from Satan, I refuse him and all his works in the name of Calvary.  I have found that this formula works… when prayed with the honest intention of obeying all that it implied.”

OR, it can be a testimony like this one about the power of praying with other moms for your college students, either in U’moms or MomsHOO’:

“Last semester my student wanted to drop out of college, and this semester she loves it. In fact, she couldn’t wait to get back there after spring break! Meeting you all in person and receiving such openly given support as well as your comforting emails helped me get through.

Most importantly, your prayers of love and support gave me the strength to help me help my daughter through what was a horrible time for her – a horrible time also compounded by having three major bouts of physical illnesses.

Words can never thank you enough. It was a “miracle” that I was introduced to your prayer group reminding me of the power of faith and the healing power of prayer. And thank GOD, literally and always.

OR something like this when one of our moms responded to the BOLO for proud praying moms page:

Our Hoos’ News


Congratulations to momHOO’, Karen Shields, and her grad HOO, Struan Shields, on his recent EP release, World of Reasons, which you can listen to on Spotify!  Struan,Class of 2015,  is a singer/songwriter originally from Northern Virginia but currently living, writing and performing in Nashville. Take a listen.  http://sptfy.com/1JY1

OR, if you are particularly interested in learning more about issues that affect college students like substance abuse, mental illness, eating disorders, let us know by filling out the contribYOUtors’ form below.  The future content of our site is only as good as our contribYOUtors.  (If you haven’t yet figured it out, that means YOU!)


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