Four weeks from today, the first wave of Move-Ins take place at UVA.  Other universities around the state and across the land welcome new students and the prayers of a million+ mothers and fathers are poured out on behalf of their sons and daughters. A combination of happy anticipation and anxiety propel those prayers. If... Continue Reading →


If you are reading this post and have a rising freshman or first year, you have much to be gained by following this link and scrolling through our long list of Move-In Day tips!  Although Move-In Day Tips were originally written for moms of rising UVA "first years" they include many ideas that can also... Continue Reading →

Move-In Day (and Beyond) Tips

We are fast approaching one of the two most exciting and tiring days that you and your HOO/college freshman will experience during their career at UVA/their university -- Move-In Day!  Our Move-In Day tips include generic tips for all college students and parents, as well as tips by HOOs for new HOOs!  The tips are rather like... Continue Reading →

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