University of Praying Moms


The last two years presented a stretch of trials I did not see coming.  Today, I had coffee with a friend who stood beside me during this season.  She asked me what insights I had from the journey.  I mentioned that the committed prayers of her, my sisters at U. of Praying Moms, and many others changed everything.   Each trial has resolved, and I attribute the truly miraculous healings/resolutions to God responding to sincere prayers.

Occasionally, a mom comes to our prayer gathering in tears, and having walked in similar shoes, I grieve alongside her.  But, my recent experiences of God’s redemptive power evoke hopeful anticipation of His provision and peace.

I have experienced and witnessed many answers.  In fact, just today I was thinking of how we recently prayed for protection at George Mason U against terrorism.  Yesterday, bomb making materials were found on campus, preempting any harm.  This is one of many answers we have witnessed.  But, even more importantly, in the process of joining forces in prayer, we have grown much closer to God and each other.

MaryAnn Lastova, Facilitator of University of Praying Moms

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