It’s time.

Folks, summer is almost GONE! Your home-for-the-summer college kids have flown the nest. Your house is calmer but your schedules are starting to fill up. MomsHooPray and University of Praying Moms are gearing up to gather together and start our 9th and 6th years, respectively, together in prayer for our students. So mark your calendars to kick... Continue Reading →

Before They Fly The Nest

In the whirlwind of high school graduation events, summer vacations and shopping for dorm supplies, we may neglect an important topic: our high school graduate's mental health. One of the most proactive steps we can take for our student is to schedule an appointment to see a counselor before they leave for college. If we... Continue Reading →

College Graduation Tips

Congratulations to all MomsHOOpray and University of Praying Moms with Class of 2018 Graduates!  My own celebration in 2014 began with "sightings" of other MomsHOOpray members. In the vast crowds of Valedictory and Final Exercises, I saw them. Unexpectedly spotting familiar faces, exchanging a wave, giving a quick hug or sending a text, "I SEE YOU!" felt like... Continue Reading →

Hoo Prays? MomsHOO’ Prays!

 By Ann Marie Stewart, Author of Christy Award Winning: Stars in the Grass. When my second daughter Julia was applying to college, I was biased to UVA. Her sister Christine attended and loved her coursework and the Christian community, and selfishly — I wanted to extend my time with MomsHOOpray! After all, prayer not only... Continue Reading →

Help Us To Pray

"Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."  Hebrews 13:3 The following is an optional guide for those praying for fourth year UVA student, Otto Warmbier, and his family, as they approach one year since his sentencing to 15 years... Continue Reading →

Crying Out To God

Two unrelated but exceptional ministry blogs, Proverbs 31 and A Slice Of Infinity, landed in my inbox in the past few weeks, both highlighting the writing of author, Esther Fleece. Perhaps her message below will meet you where you are and help you understand it's OK to not be OK. In fact, you have permission to put it all out... Continue Reading →

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