Crying Out To God

Two unrelated but exceptional ministry blogs, Proverbs 31 and A Slice Of Infinity, landed in my inbox in the past few weeks, both highlighting the writing of author, Esther Fleece. Perhaps her message below will meet you where you are and help you understand it's OK to not be OK. In fact, you have permission to put it all out... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Our Political Moment

We asked, they answered! Super prayer warrior moms, Susan Speers, (MomsHOO' - UVA, Class of 2014 as well as U'Moms - UC Berkeley, Class of 2017 and Virginia Tech, Class of 2020) and Mischelle Dean (MomsHOO' - UVA, Class of 2019) submitted two very timely articles responding to the recent presidential election.  Everyone, from praying moms to our college students, can benefit... Continue Reading →

We'd like our site to be encouraging to its readers on a regular basis, as in, at least once a month!  So we need YOUR help. When you read something on prayer or any aspect of college life that encourages you, fill out the contribYOUtors' form at the end of this post. Or if you want... Continue Reading →

2019 College Move-In Tips

2019 College Move-In Tips First, read 4 wise tips written by Susan Alexander Yates and featured on the front page of the Theological Horizons newsletter. Page 2 continues with sage advice for incoming first-years/freshman from former students. (applicable to any college student) Follow Blog Via Email! Our 125th Follower will win cool stuff like... Continue Reading →

BOLO for praying moms!

  It's summer!  While momsHOO' take a break from meeting together, those U'Moms are still going strong. (Summer Schedule here)  The friendships forged in MomsHOOpray over the past six years and in University of Praying Moms over the past three, are a tremendous blessing -- one that we should share with others!  It's time to be spreading the word about... Continue Reading →

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