A Decade of Prayer

It was June of 2015 when my Class of 2014 Wahoo stopped by after his workday just as I was loading the car with decorations for our MomsHooPray end of year dinner.

He said something like, “Mom, shouldn’t you be retired from this already?”

Well, actually, no. We never retire from praying.

Even though we began in 2010, and watched our Hoos walk the lawn in 2014 and 2015, a small core of the “inaugural class” of MomsHoo’ have stayed close. We text to share prayer requests, fond greetings, praise reports—even a recent plea for prayer when one of us was feeling pitiful and sinking into the doldrums.

Grad MomsHoo’ Dec. 2018

That was me last week.

The resulting flurry of supportive texts and prayers brought me out of enemy camp and set my feet on solid ground.

How grateful I am for these amazing prayer warrior moms and the deep fondness we share from praying with each other and for one another’s adult children for so many years.

And that day back in 2015—when my son suggested I retire from MomsHooPray—I had no idea that five years later, not only would we be going strong in Northern Virginia (co-led by Judy Mahony and Heidi Veldman),

NoVA Moms August 2019

but also would have given birth to two sister groups.

One Tuesday each month a small but fabulous 2-year-old group meets in Richmond, and one Wednesday a month a brand new MomsHoo’ meets in Charlottesville! (not to mention the University of Praying Moms spin-off continues to meet twice a month!)

Richmond Moms April 2019
C’ville Moms Sept. 2019
U’ of Praying Moms 2018

These two newer MomsHoo’ groups just might enjoy the growth pattern of our 10-year-old NoVa group where so many women are so very blessed by MomsHooPray.  The prayer support, the practical help, the camaraderie and the comfort of other praying moms with students at UVA has been phenomenal. And an added bonus—each year they meet many women who they otherwise never would have come to know and love. By the time their wahoos walk the lawn, tight bonds have been formed.

I believe that when we pray together, relationships are built stronger than they normally would because there’s a spiritual component. God blesses anything that mirrors His son. Intercession for each other’s children does just that.

…Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us. (Romans 8:34)

As we turn the corner into 2020 and complete our first decade of MomsHooPray in May, I give thanks to the One who heard my prayer way back in the summer of 2010,

“Lord, what am I going to do now that my son is headed to college and there’s no organized group of moms of UVA students to pray with?”

His answer came quickly and caught me by surprise,


I exclaimed out loud, “That is so great, Lord!”

And the rest is history.

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  1. I was introduced to a 2013 UVA grad who was visiting my church this week by someone who commented how I was part of MomsHOOpray and had been since 2011. He had been involved with Young Life and is active up here now in his church and happily working at Cap One with some of our MomsHOOpray member other alums. I told him how our group had started in 2010 and had been praying ever since. He smiled, gratefully, saying that he was glad to have been covered at least a few years by those prayers! We may never meet all the people for whom we have prayed but I pray we will all rejoice when the Spirit ignites a mighty revival not only on the Grounds but in the alums around the world!! You MomsHOOpray women have changed my life…not only the life of my HOO and I give thanks! Trudi

    1. Trudi, you are truly my hero when it comes to fervent prayer and faithfulness. Sorry this reply is coming over a year from when your kind words posted 🙂

  2. After hosting several Moms In Prayer groups while my two boys progressed from elementary school through their high school years, I was SO thankful to hear about Kathy’s college groups! I knew how important it was for me to continue to meet together and pray with other moms, as prayers for our kids do not stop when they leave the nest for college! And so I joined the University of Praying Moms, and was blessed with several years together before moving out of the area. I continue to remain on the email list, as it is a good reminder for me to stop and pray on my own, on the days the group is praying together in Mclean. And I am blessed to still see Kathy, as we attend the same Community Bible Study class in Charlottesville!

    1. Aww thanks, Jennifer! I am so grateful that U’Moms gathered for many years as our sister group and that our fellow McLean CBS friend, Caroline Keehan, has led the transition to Moms In Prayer College. Hope to see you in person this fall at C’Ville CBS!

  3. Thank you Kathy!!! For seeking God, listening and saying yes to His call for you. So many have been blessed by Moms Hoo Pray. I continue to pray for your family, trusting that in God’s fullness of time, prayers will be answered.

    1. Laura, a long overdue reply but now that you have joined Zoom MomsHooPray, I can say I have experienced firsthand that you are a treasure. So grateful to get to know you better and pray for your 2019 and 2022 Hoos!

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