We moms love it when our college students or recent grads return to the nest for the summer or while completing their transition into adulthood.  Well, most of the time.  Often, their return brings turbulence.  A few small unsettling bumps in our normal routine are expected—but sometimes they bring home wildly unexpected and sudden “changes in altitude”... Continue Reading →

A Heavenly Celebration

The following observation is applicable to all college praying moms.  (For UVA Graduation Weekend Tips, click here.)   I bet you there is a celebration going on somewhere in our world RIGHT NOW.  Whenever you read this post.  Complete with big smiles, lots of laughter, loud cheering and maybe even a balloon parade!  And RIGHT NOW, it's very... Continue Reading →

I feel so blessed to have a group of moms to pray with twice a month. Then later when I hear my daughter mention these moms' kids' names, I feel connected in prayer and UVA life. I can see the difference prayer has made in all of our lives. There have been specific answers and... Continue Reading →

UVA Graduation Weekend Tips

To you fourth year moms, these tips may be a real help.  To all you third year moms, it is not too early to plan your HOO's graduation weekend!  To all you grad moms, please take a look to see what we missed and add your own tips using the form below. For official UVA info click HERE.  To view... Continue Reading →

MomsHOOpray began in 2010 when several Northern Virginia moms of recent high school grads felt the call to continue in group prayer for their kids heading off to UVA.  After all, we prayed them through their formative years from kindergarten all the way to their high school graduation. Why would we stop praying now? Word of mouth... Continue Reading →

"There is something very comforting to hear other women lift up your children in prayer. At University of Praying Moms our students are all at different campuses but they all share many of the same pressures and they all need our prayers. I always leave feeling a burden has been lifted and I am deeply... Continue Reading →

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