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MomsHOOpray began in 2010 when several moms of recent high school grads felt the call to continue in group prayer for their kids heading off to UVA.  After all, we prayed them through their formative years from kindergarten all the way to their high school graduation. Why would we stop praying now?

Word of mouth led many local moms of UVA first years to gather bi-monthly for one hour to pray for their HOOs. And what an hour it turned out to be. Following a simple format, we quickly found that our sharing time led to much conversation after we ended our prayer time. So many connections that helped us and our students were made, information shared, rides offered, friendships forged that we annually celebrate this amazing group. Five years later, we have a roster with over 60 “members” including many who cannot attend but remain faithful to send in requests, pray for emergency requests, or share a ride or delivery to a HOO in need. Most importantly, we’ve been awed by incredible answers to hundreds of prayers, bringing us and our students much joy and the Lord much glory!

When younger siblings of our HOOs began to attend other colleges, University of Praying Moms launched in 2013 to serve the same function as momsHOO’ had for the past 3 years. Local mothers of students in colleges from the east coast to the west gather bi-monthly and share the same successful, simple format. They, too, have grown to love and support one another and witness God’s amazing grace.

This website is here to serve both groups and encourage growth and expansion. If you aren’t already praying with us, let us know how we can help you connect with other praying moms in your neck of the woods and start your local chapter of momsHOO’ or U’moms!

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